Bear Hunting

Archery, Rifle

Spring season offers the most opportune time to harvest bear in the Idaho Rockies. McGowan Outfitting operates in prime bear country and brings a unique approach to the sport of bear hunting. We harvest black bear of various different color phases including blonde, chocolate, cinnamon, black and combinations. Coats are thick and make for wonderful trophies. McGowan Outfitting does not offer fall stand alone bear hunts, but incidental bear can be an add-on in the fall.

Who wants to sit over a bait for hours on end? At McGowan Outfitting we prefer to hunt our bears via spot and stalk. We look to even the playing field. Join us on a spring, off the back, spot and stalk bear hunt in some of the most gorgeous county mother nature has to offer. Hunters can expect to have the mobility to move camp locations in pursuit of a beautiful Idaho spring bear during this 5 day hunt. Spring is the season of rebirth and the hillsides and meadows are full of green grass, wildflowers, and the freshness that can only be claimed high in the mountains. McGowan Outfitting will lead you on an unforgettable spring adventure that will test your resolve, but be all that more rewarding.

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