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Days shown indicate hunting days in the field. Hunting days can be affected by up to a half day (typically in addition to the dates shown) depending on camp location and other factors. McGowan Outfitting asks hunters to arrive and depart at the day and time indicated on the booking contract. McGowan Outfitting will typically limit it to two (2) hunters per camp with a maximum of four (4). McGowan Outfitting has a block archery range and rifle range for hunters to dial in their weapon on the afternoon prior to the first day of the hunt. All McGowan Outfitting hunts include lodging, transportation, guides, stock, tack, food and gear for rent during their respective hunts. Taxidermy and processing are not included. If you are driving, please bring coolers for meat. Add-ons can be affected by seasonality and location. Please contact us to discuss add-ons. Dates and prices are subject to change.

General Season Big Game Hunts

WeaponClient/Guide RatioHunt DaysHunt DescriptionPrice per hunterHunting Season Dates
Any Weapon1 Hunter: 1 Guide5 DaysSpring Black Bear$4000May 1-June 15
Any Weapon2 Hunters: 1 Guide5 DaysSpring Black Bear$3500May 1-June 15
Archery1 Hunter: 1 Guide6 DaysElk/Mule Deer$7200/eachAug 29- Sept 28
Archery2 Hunters: 1 Guide6 DaysElk/Mule Deer$5900/eachAug 29-Sept 28
Rifle1 Hunter: 1 Guide4 DaysMule Deer$6200Oct 10-24
Rifle2 Hunters: 1 Guide4 DaysMule Deer$5500Oct 10-24
Rifle1 Hunter: 1 Guide5 DaysWolf$3500Dec 1- April 30
Any Weapon1 Hunter: 1 Guide6 DaysMountain Lion w/Hounds$7500Dec 10-March 31
Any WeaponN/AVariableNon-Hunter Rate$325/dayN/A

Controlled Hunts-Permit Issued By Draw

WeaponClient: Guide RatioHunt DaysHunt DescriptionPrice per HunterHunting Season Dates
Any Weapon1 Hunter: 1 Guide10 DaysIdaho Big Horn Sheep$10500Aug 30-Oct 13
Any Weapon1 Hunter: 1 Guide6 DaysMoose$6000Sept 1-Nov 23
Any Weapon1 Hunter: 1 Guide6 DaysMountain Goat$6000Aug 30-Nov 12
Muzzleloader1 Hunter: 1 Guide6 DaysTrophy Mule Deer$6000Nov 25-Dec 9
Rifle1 Hunter: 1 Guide6 DaysControlled Trophy Elk$10000Oct 1-31
Rifle1 Hunter: 1 Guide3 DaysAdult Cow Elk$2800Oct 1- Dec 31
Rifle1 Hunter: 1 Guide3 DaysYouth Cow Elk$1800Oct 1-Nov 30
Archery1 Hunter: 1 Guide4 DaysAntelope$2800Aug 15-Sept 15
Rifle1 Hunter: 1 Guide4 DaysAntelope$3750Sept 25-Oct 24