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Rob Bear 1
Adam Bear 1

We had an incredible 2015 spring bear season. We are winding down on the season now and space is limited for 2016. Our wilderness spot and stalk hunts produced beautiful bears, including a 3 for 3 week topped off with a monster boar.  Read about this hunt in an upcoming article in Recoil magazine.  Blonde, chocolate, cinnamon and black bears were wandering the remote drainages of the Frank Church.  This is a true bear hunt, untamed and untampered.

Our bait hunts proved no less exciting including a double up one Saturday night with 2 good boars, including one close to the 7′ mark. We harvested several other beautiful bears in various color phases.   Several of the largest bears we have on camera are still wondering the woods, including the largest track we have seen.  The front pad measured 6.5 inches indicating a bear well over 7′ in length.  Be the first to get a crack at these giants in 2016.

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