Elk Hunting

Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle

We hunt elk, we live elk, we have a passion for elk. We are avid bowmen, with the outfitter having 20 years of personal bowhunting experience. There does not exist another archery outfit better suited to fill your tag. Chasing elk in the fall is our passion, it frees the spirit and lets one disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. We offer spot and stalk archery hunts with guaranteed tags and trophy rifle hunts with a limited number of guaranteed tags. We operate in outstanding elk units, with high density and good trophy quality. Expect to work hard during your hunt with McGowan Outfitting. 5-10 mile hikes daily through rough terrain is not uncommon. Mature elk do not live on trails. Let’s go get em.



Scott-Hunt-1Experience the truest form of hunting. This is an off-the-back, backcountry hunt with only necessary horse support for extraction of meat. Hunter and guide will carry with them all supplies for a 5 day hunt. This hunt is for those with the physical abilities and experience to cover rugged backcountry terrain with a pack on their back. Hunter and guide will set up spike camps as they dissect the wilderness in search of that special bull. After this hunt, you will be proud of what you have accomplished, and you can truly call yourself a backcountry hunter. Combo this hunt with deer, wolf and bear.
HCOHeader-7.jpgHunt the Lemhi Zone using bow or rifle. Experience diverse terrain with high elk densities, low depredation, and quality bulls with expert guides, quality stock and the best gear. Pending availability, hunters will sleep most nights in a wall tent and hunt daily. Expect this hunt to be physically taxing and technical. Combo your elk hunt with deer, pronghorn, bear and/or wolf.

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