A New Direction and the RONR

Becoming a dad this year was a soul expanding experience. I had already determined that certain aspects of my life needed to be adjusted in order to prepare for this incredible opportunity, in short, I needed to simplify and re-evaluate. I think most impending parents do something similar, or at least feel the stirrings of it. In 2012, I had started a business in an industry that I thought encapsulated my passion. I was following a dream… albeit someone else’s dream, the established outfitter methodology, not my own. I had gone halfway, made the leap to work in the outdoors, but didn’t focus it on the type of experience I am passionate about. This brings us to 2018, thinking about my son, I wanted to re-design my business according to the specifics of what I love about hunting and being outdoors, and in doing so, honor my values and have a sustainable lifestyle. So, here I am, with a more focused business niche, and a very specific clientele that can put up with my shit in the backcountry. Mainly that means hitting the hills, hitting them light and hitting them hard. The days of big pack strings, elaborate camps and gourmet meals are in the past. It’s time to get back to basics, get back to hunting and realize my vision of western outfitting.

Post 50K at the RONR, having raced with seasoned ultras (people I have no business competing with, as it pertains to experience, wisdom, and just well, running technique) these mountain hooves got me through the backcountry terrain well enough, but seized up when they hit pavement. The camaraderie and spectacular views sustained me and I spent a beautiful 31+ mile morning in the Idaho mountains getting ready for hunting season. Paul Lind puts together a fantastic event and the beauty of central Idaho speaks for itself (http://runchallis.com). I crossed the finish line before lunchtime with a smile and some chaffed inner thighs.

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